Sunday, May 3, 2009

Frogs and Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails (Nashville Area Children's Photographer)

That is what little boys are made of! For these two brothers, that little quote could not be more true.
Recently, I had the pleasure of spending the morning with two adorable little boys. We hung out at Percy Warner Park, playing in the stream, catching bugs and tadpoles, and playing on the rocks. It was so fun watching these two brothers interact with each other and nature. They have been coming to this park on weekends since before they could walk. They were completely at home and completely fascinated by anything we could find and catch with their nets. I have never seen two little boys so enchanted with nature. It was so refreshing to see kids who are completely entertained and captivated with nature. These boys don't need any television or toys to have fun! However, I do see these boys being the ones that bring some interesting things home to their Mom in their pockets. I am not sure I would like doing their laundry as you never know what kind of creepy crawly you might find :)
Here are some of my favorite captures from my time hanging out with these two cuties!

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