Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Sweet Little Threesome, Soon to be 4! (Nashville Area Family, Children, and Maternity Photograher)

This sweet little threesome were so fun to hang out with. Their little boy was all boy and completely consumed with looking for bugs, frogs, fish, animals, and anything else that wasn't a camera! He had a ball exploring and discovering. He is a very active and precocious 3 year old and a total ball to photograph even if it was by chance he would look at the camera.
Mom and Dad couldn't be any cuter! Mom is an adorable pregnant Momma. She has the basketball stuck under the shirt look that just couldn't be any cuter! Dad was totally into exploring with his son. I had such a good time hanging out with these three (soon to be 4!) last Saturday morning. Here are my favorites from the shoot:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Little Cupcake (Nashville Area Children and Family Photographer)

Oh, she was just so cute! Eighteen months old and sweet enough to eat. Her Mommy calls her cupcake and I have no problem seeing why. She has a peaches and cream complexion, strawberry lips, and delicate blond curls for icing. So sweet! This age has to be one of my favorites. They are so busy and everything is an adventure. There was no sitting still for this one and she absolutely refused to be held for any type of family picture. She was too busy exploring and discovering. She was so full of life, wonder, and joy, I just couldn't help but enjoy my morning with her! Here are some of my favorites of this little cupcake: