Saturday, November 5, 2011

More Christmas Cards!

Here are a few more new designs for 2011. Again, please click this link to see ALL of the cards I offer. It will link you to all the posts I have done on Christmas cards so be sure to scroll all the way down from the link to see all of the cards! I offer so, so many, you are sure to find something you love!

11.M front
11. M Back:

11.N front

11. N Back:

11. O

11. P front

11. P back

11. Q front

11. Q back
11. R

11. S front
11. S back

11. T front
11. T back

Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Christmas Cards for 2011

So I have learned something! That is, I am a TERRIBLE blogger. I have so many new photos to share but it seems, never enough time to sit down and get them on here! I hope to soon.

However, this post is about Christmas cards! I have some new cards to add to the selections I offered last year. If you are interested in purchasing Christmas cards from me, please email me and I can give you the pricing on them.

Below, I will show the new cards I have this year. However, the cards from last year are still available. Be sure to check them out here so you can see my full line of card offerings! Any card can be made double sided. All cards are 5x7. In the next week or two, I may add a few more designs, but these below and the ones from last year will make up the majority.


Friday, July 8, 2011

The Wedding

So, life got slammed again and I went missing in action! I had to take a lil break from photography and blogging due to the craziness of life. However, I hope to slowly get back into it. All that to say, my first session in awhile, was my very first wedding!

*I AM NOT a wedding photographer! *

However, I let myself get talked into shooting this very special wedding. This was a 2nd wedding of two wonderful people. One of who is a friend of a good friend of mine. Anyways, they did not want "wedding" photos but more of a family session before the wedding, commemorating the joining of two families into one. I didn't do any photos of the actual ceremony just family photos before. Even so, I learned A LOT! I am really glad that I did this as it pushed me way out of my comfort zone. Thankfully, after it looking like horrible weather with no safety cushion of being rescheduled for a few days, it ended up being absolutely gorgeous with perfect light! We were at the beautiful Scarrit Bennet campus so I couldn't have asked for a prettier back drop for which to shoot. The wedding party looked fabulous and so we ended up with a great session! So allow me to show you my first ever "wedding" photos!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meet Baby R....Sneak Peek

I think there is a baby boom going on! All the flood babies are being born now! Meet Baby R...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby M Newborn Photos...Sneak Peek

Hello! Ok, I am going to try real hard to stay on top of everything and get everyone caught up with all the photos I have been taking since my last post. Meanwhile, enjoy a sneak peek from my first newborn session of the year! Sweet Baby M!

Friday, January 21, 2011

2010 Recap

Yes, I am still alive and yes, I am still taking pictures! 2010 was a crazy busy year and I let my blog go but now I am ready to hopefully get back to blogging my work regularly. That is a new year resolution for myself.
Since I didn't do a good job of showcasing my photos this year, I want to share my favorite pictures from 2010 right now.
I am now booking again for portrait sessions. If you are interested in scheduling one or finding out more info please email me! I'd love to hear from you!
Without further ado here are my favs from 2010 in different categories:

Babies and Newborns:


Children and Teens:

Yes, I photograph sporting events!

Siblings and Groups:

Yes, I photograph birthday parties, too!