Tuesday, April 7, 2009

3 Months and Counting

Here's the same little girl from the previous post, now just 6 weeks older. Her personality is really starting to shine. It is obvious from their family photo that her parents adore her! She is such a sweet, quiet baby and a joy to photograph!

Sweet Little Baby

This little beauty was one of the most alert 6 week old babies I have ever seen. It didn't hurt either that she was so cooperative and beautiful! It was so fun playing with her and photographing her.

Spring Cherry Blossom

These photos were taken a few weeks ago at the peak of the cherry blossom blooms here in Nashville.  The beautiful flowers enhanced the innocence of a sweet almost 4 year old little girl.  
Spring is just now starting to show.  Their are plenty of opportunities still left for spring pictures.  Contact me if you are interested is scheduling a spring photo shoot!