Monday, October 12, 2009

Brown Eyed Girls (Nashville Area Children, Family, and Baby Photographer)

This adorable family has the sweetest little brown eyed girls. Big brown eyes! They could not be any cuter! All four of them were a pleasure to work with. I loved tagging along with the 2 year olds explorations of the park. She was so curious and fun!
This sweet family has had so much patience with me too! I had to reschedule with them minutes before our first photo session due to a family emergency. Those poor parents had gotten two kids and themselves ready for pictures only to have their photographer cancel on them as they were pulling into the park. (Future clients, I don't make a habit of it but my son had a bike accident and was being taken to the hospital! Turned out he was fine but I couldn't have taken pictures so worried about him. A Mommy has to be with her kids at a time like that!) After that shoot we had a few weeks of rain but we finally connected on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and had a great shoot! The whole family is super photogenic. The Momma made my night when she told me that a photo shoot with me was her birthday present that she had asked for. That made my week to know that she liked my work enough to want a photo shoot for her birthday! I hope I lived up to a good birthday present. V family thank you so much for your patience with me and the weather! Here are my favs from our session:

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