Friday, August 28, 2009

Dylan (Nashville Area Newborn, Baby, Infant, Children, and Family Photographer)

Before I even get started talking about sweet Dylan, I want to give a shout out to my fabulously talented friend, Stephanie! She is the amazing talent behind all the adorable knit "props" that I use in my newborn photo shoots. She is a local girl and sells here in Nashville and also on etsy. She is amazing at just whipping up anything. If you ever need a knit hat or anything knit, be sure to visit her on etsy and either buy something ready made or request a custom design.
Now on to Dylan. This little boy is just precious! He is so cute and photogenic. However, he is also incredibly alert. I had the privilege of spending a night in the hospital helping his awesome Mommy out and even there he was super alert. I have only seen one other baby this alert, and he happens to belong to me. Anyway, during the day Dylan isn't particularly sleepy so getting the adorable posed shots was a little difficult. However, I think we got some really cute ones. We even managed to get a few family shots too! Here are my favs:

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