Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Number Four (Nashville Area Newborn Photographer)

This sweet little guy is only 4 days old and the 4th boy for his wonderful parents. It was such an amazing privilege for me to get to hang around such an adorable little guy! This was my first official newborn session and I learned soooo much! The primary thing is that newborns, even when they are only 4 days old, have a mind of their own. Taking these sweet pictures is not as easy as it looks! This little man was very passionate about being held, especially by his Momma! I had thought that once he was asleep we would just be able to pose him any which way I wanted. Not true! This guy knew almost immediately that he wasn't being held and let us know within seconds what he thought! I had very little time to get each shot before he woke up and expressed his displeasure. However, I am incredibly pleased with the shots I got and even more pleased that we managed to get the shots his Momma wanted! She really wanted shots of him outdoors and baby was much more cooperative outside than in.
When baby is a little older and Momma is getting a little more rest, I can't wait to get pictures of the whole fam, including the three older brothers!
Here are my favorites from this session:


  1. Those are pretty darn amazing

  2. Wonderful pics...great memories for the family